Winter Photo Essay: Katerina Lopez


This year, Katerina Lopez and I each found ourselves having more class time together than all of our previous years. Then, during the class times that we should have been paying attention, we found we had a lot in common: a love of caffeine, a love of awkward chemistry jokes, a love of sick innuendos, and an ability to laugh at everything. She had come in wearing an outfit I liked, so I commented, complimented, and asked where she shopped. After an "Oh, this? I thrifted it!" we made vague plans to go shopping together. A few weeks later, a couple failed attempts to schedule time to hang out, and we made actual plans to go shopping. 

How I Got to Know a Shopaholic:

Kat picked me up and, on our way to the thrift shop, we started our day by getting stuck in a traffic jam. So, we talked, laughed a lot, and danced to old Britney Spears:

We finally got to the thrift store, after the huge traffic jam, and it was massive. I was overwhelmed, but she showed me the best parts of it so it was easier to navigate:

We looked at almost everything. Kat seemed pretty chill, but I found out how distractible yet determined she could be when we entered the land of skirts and jeans:

 Kat found a $3 bag that she loved so much that she dared to take a peak inside. She decided to get it immediately after picking it up. Her happy face:

There were so many old high school, college, and club shirts that were given away in that thrift store; sweatshirt after sweatshirt, school we didn't know after school, and many shirts that said very valiant things about students' endeavors. This is only one of many:

I don't know why, but finding this coffee cup made Kat super happy. I thought that it was pretty cool, to be goofy and actually happy about a red mug with the word "coffee" on it and a thumbs up handle. Here's her happy face:

But, what was even funnier was her face when she looked inside at what its previous owner had left for her:

This photo's calmness isn't accurate considering that the store was noisy, and dimly lit, and there were clothes on every surface of the place, but this photo is something rare that I liked. Rather than focus for reward, this is focus for enjoyment:

But enough of that seriousness. We spent most of this noisy day talking and making jokes. Yes, we made a dumb innuendo about this cheerleading outfit when we saw it:

Yes, we also laughed so hard and so loud about this minion onesie that we startled other shoppers:

And, of course I embarrassed her in front of this nice cashier and made her giggle so hard she almost peed:

Because we were hungry, and in the mood for fast food, we got chicken nuggets. We ended up talking in the parking lot of a McDonald's for a long time, and I got to know Kat more. Here's the one and only, multi-tasking like a true champ:

"Wait! Is it illegal to nug' and drive?" was a legitimate concern for 0.2 seconds, I swear:

"Are you kidding me? Why are you stopped in the middle of the road?!" was a very legitimate concern for 20 seconds. Pro tip: use your blinkers when you turn. Katerina Lopez and my eardrums, both, thank you in advance:

 I learned that Katerina can be really goofy, too. Here she is pretending to eat cars:

I learned that we are too distractible; here's the face Kat made when she made a wrong turn, for the second time that day, because she was too busy pretending to eat cars:

 Because we had time, and we didn't buy that much at the thrift shop, we decided to go to Sephora as a treat (go back to the cashier photo to see how weak our willpower is):

Fair warning, we are both quite infatuated with makeup and it's very obvious in these following pictures:

 Kat loves anything glittery, glowy, and/or shiny. I swear, this facial expression is actually real:

Sephora has an entire rack of travel sized perfumes, and we smelled each one of them. However, it's not fun when perfumes make our noses too confused that we can't smell anything:

All fun must come to an end, and it had been like 5 hours. To get my attention away from eyeshadow, she waved and said, "Hey, do you need a ride home?" with her hands all smudged in glitter eyeshadow:

And I said, "That would be great! Please!" and gave her a thumbs up with my hands equally smudged in eyeliner and lipstick and possibly mascara:

So, Kat and I got in her car to go back to Hyde Park. We talked seriously for a while, then we joked a lot, I also tried to make Siri work on her phone, and we sang every lyric to "Superbass" by Nicki Minaj:

We sang and danced a lot! This is what happens when you're just having a good time, jamming out, and then you make eye contact with the other drivers (peep the woman in the firetruck):

I got to know Kat a lot while shopping and driving around with her. It's a very different relationship with her than before. And, right before she was going to drop me off at my apartment, when she was looking at the upcoming exits...

We suddenly decided to go to one last makeup store because we hadn't shopped that much:

That was my shopping day/get-to-know-you outing with Katerina Lopez. 


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