Spring Photo Essay: Cuisine

To say that food is an irreplaceable mode of communication, intimacy, and cross cultural education would simply miss the easiest depiction; food is an essential component to our everyday lives. A human cannot survive without food, and with the increase of techniques, technology, and cross cultural meshing, learning to cook good food is as easy as searching for a recipe online. I am under the full assumption that cooking, especially with others, has the ability to transform people’s lives. Tracing through history, we can see whole civilizations built around fertile crescents, or even cities like Chicago and New York built next to bodies of water. My photo essay is about a day I spent cooking and learning and bonding over food. 

We set the scene in my kitchen, approaching the stove.

And we start simple, with an egg.
But then we take that egg and put it in a salad.
And we're off! Next is our quinoa-beef stuffed peppers.

Followed by red pepper covered salmon and potato, thus starting this trend of recipes we found.

Here is the red pepper covered pork chop and potato.

Steak tips in a balsamic glaze sauce and a potato.

At the end, we of the pepper/meat dishes I still had more sauce. So, we improvised by thickening up the balsamic and coating another pork chop and potato.
Cooking is improvisation. 

I had rice and frozen seafood, my friend had the idea of making Spanish seafood paella.
We ended up using all my rice and so our sushi ideas turned to seafood-only rolls.
I wanted to try something asian-inspired, as well as make something beautiful to photograph.
Here are our salmon and cucumber bites.

Our spicy salmon and ginger balls.

And we finished by treating ourselves with professionally baked macarons. 


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