Fall Photo Essay: Greece

I. Paragraph Summary

This summer, I spent 11 days in Greece, with two of my closest friends, on my first vacation without my family. Carissa, Sharan, and I lived along the coast of Crete, in Chania, in a rented apartment for 8 days. It was quite frightening to have to navigate a foreign country, and to feel that all we had was each other or strangers. After that week, we flew to Athens, where we stayed another three days in an apartment next to the Acropolis before returning home. Our hike to the top of the Acropolis was bittersweet, as it was on one of our last days in Greece. 

No days had definite agendas or schedules, and we were free to wander around all the beautiful scenery that our Greek coastal town offered us, which is where my first three portions of my photo essay, sunrise and nature and buildings, were shot. I had my camera with me almost every day as we explored old Roman ruins, and hidden alleys, and strung together a theme of colors. Throughout my essay, I play with color palettes. In section I, I played with the incoming orange and pink tones of the sun versus the blue and purple of the dawn sky. In section II and III, I match Carissa with warmer colors, such as pink and orange and red, while matching Sharan with cooler colors, such as green and blue and purple, and using yellow as a neutral way to blend everything. This is to mimic the way that I thought they both approached exploring: Carissa with warmth and vibrancy, and Sharan with intrigue and curiosity. In contrast to that methodical shooting, when we hiked up to the Acropolis, I wanted to capture my companions in the brilliant yellow sunlight, and summarize their personal growths during our trip, rather then focus on juxtaposing their personalities with their respective color schemes.

II. Sunrise

My bedroom faced the Greek Sea

The sunrise on my first day in Chania

III. Nature

Greenery, Carissa

Greenery, Sharan
Pink flowers, Carissa

Pink flowers, Sharan.

Blue sky, Carissa

Blue sky, Sharan

IV. Buildings

Blue building and shadows, Carissa

Blue building and shadows, Sharan

Peach tones and textured background, Carissa
Peach tones and textured foreground, Sharan

V. The Acropolis

Carissa, on the hike to the Acropolis

Sharan, once we reached the Acropolis

Sharan, on our trip, grew into her own skin and smile

Carissa, on our trip, became less self-critical of herself and more willing to embrace unpredictability


  1. Sharon deeply appreciates this 💕

  2. How very comprehensive and imaginative you were in capturing our trip, my darling. Xoxo


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